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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 10, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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latest in the series of horrifying raccoon attacks. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday november 10th i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. thank you very much. a few lingering showers. and probably into the santa cruz mountains. they will clear out pretty fast. we will have postally sunny skies. we'll see if it warms up soon. here is sal. traffic is moving well on interstate 80. you can see flairs there on 80 and ashby avenue. traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. we are following overnight news. a high school teacher accused having sex with a student.
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27-year-old felicia killings was released on bail. she's an english teacher in fairfield. police said she had a sex with a 16-year-old male student. investigators noto determine if she had sex with other students. an alameda woman is recovering after being attacked froms. from christian joins us. >> reporter: we are here in alameda county. there is a real reason why these raccoons are in this area. you can see there is a dumpster right here. they know there are thousands of raccoons in the area and dumpsters like this and trash cans around people's houses is part of the reason. a food source for the raccoons.
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the most recent on sunday night was like something out of a horror movie. the recent was bitten another the leg. she was walking her dog in washington park when a raccoon attacked her. she ran away. as she ran away four more animals dropped out of the trees and joined in on the attack. they ran as fast as she could. she fell when she was running. >> i knew it was a bite but i don't even really remember pain. i was screaming bloody murder. help me help me. >> reporter: the victim was able tomorrow escape the raccoons. she's receiving a series of rabies shots. wildlife experts speculate the raccoon wildlife is booming. animal control officers are trying to trap the raccoons but
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since euthanizing them is an unpopular idea what they will do is try to release the raccoons. they are trying to decrease the food sources in the area. they are trying to get rid of the food. we will have more updates on the story as a morning progresses. we'll try to talk with dog wackiers everybody that comes out here at washington park has a story. we'll update you with those stories. for now we are live in alameda. christian. tensions rising in one eastern oakland neighborhood and police are -- derrick jones was shot and killed on trass street. police say they shot jones after he reached for his waist
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for something. >> he was a family guy. just had a daughter. she was only two years old. you know, he was the nicest, sweetest dude around. he wasn't going to hurt a fly. >> last nights dozens of people joined around the barbershop jones owned to pay attribute. members of jones' family are meeting with attorney john burrless who also represents oscar grants family. you can get more information by going to let's get a look at traffic. >> it looks pretty good. we are doing okay as you are driving around the bay area. it's wet out there from overnight rain. you can see a little bit of
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flair action there. 80 westbound. not causing a big slow down. also this mornings commute is moving well. traffic is light coming into san francisco. if you are driving this morning? san jose looks good getting up the highway 17. now let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. overnight rain still a few little bit rain showers down along the coastline. temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now. you can see a few of them right near pacifica. just kind of clipping the peninsula. most of that will be done a couple of hours or so. temperatures which are mostly cloudy and in the 50s. a little cooler toward the north bay. we're already starting to see a little clearing. highs 50s and 60s. things will calm down after today and then we look sunny and warmer. college students plan to stage protests in long beach today as they take a final vote
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o on tuition hikes. one proposal will increase tuition by 5% beginning in january. the other would increase by $440 next fall. a finance committee says it's possible that the fall increases could be rescinded though if state leaders approve additional funding in the state bum. mayor gavin newsom will veto the happy meal decision. they voted to make san francisco the first city in the country to prohibit fast food restaurants from giving away toys with proposed meal. it would help fight childhood obesity. it arizona peers the supervisors have enough votes to override the mayors veto. 5:06. still not clear what it was that streaked across the sky in southernfornia. the different theories from the
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experts about what they say captured on this video. a simple handshake in a reception line caused embarrassment for a government in indonesia. why the minister said why he didn't want to touch the first lady. and president obama arrived for the g-20 summit. i will show you why he's facing criticism of the u.s. handling of the
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welcome back to the morning news. the mystery continues about what streaked across the sky in southern california. it was shot by a news helicopter 35 miles off the coast of los angeles monday evening. even the experts don't agree of what it shows. >> could be a test firing of an intercontinental missile. >> it could be a balloon. in reality it's going toward the camera. >> because of videos i saw there is nothing conclusive that looks like a missile trail. >> the military, faa, and north american defense command have not been able to say exactly with any certainty what it was.
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5:10. the volcano that forced president obama to shorten his visit to the country is forcing more international flight cancellations. mount merapi has been spewing fire and ash for a month now. the death toll climbed to 101 people. international airlines are watching it closely. they are canceling flights in and out of country. president obama has landed in south korea is there for a global economic summit and as ktvu alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom he's already on the defensive. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. that is right president obama faces two days of contentious talks. he is ache avenue facing
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intense criticism about recent steps to try to stimulate the u.s. economy. one german official called it clueless. it will be a tougher crowd for him. he delivered a major address there. aimed at muslims saying indonesia the world's largest muslim country gains strength from its diversity. >> this is not to say indonesia is without imperfections. no country is. here we can find the ability to bridge the divides of the race own religion. >> reporter: president obama has sent a letter to the g-20 leaders talking about the most important thing the u.s. can do. i will have more of that on our next update. for now we are live in washington d.c.. during the presidents trip to indonesia a handshake between michelle obama and government leader is getting a
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lot of attention. you can see him reaching out both hands to shake hands with the first lady and smiling. some people are making fun of that government ministers handshake because in the last the minister has said he avoids contact with women. he tried to prevent being touched by mrs. obama but she forced the handshake. that video tells a different story. the board of supervisors has begun the process of selecting are replacement mayor for gavin newsom. supervisor john avalo began taking nominations for a possibility of holding a vote as soon as next week. but board president wants the process laid out first. that could take weeks. the person selected would fill the final year. this morning state senator lee has called a news
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conference. yeah will announce that he plans to run for mayor of san francisco in next november's election. he has served one term in the state senate. he represents the city's west side including large parts of the richmond and sunset district. only a few hundred ballots remain. the latest were released last friday. you can of course find more election coverage including the latest vote count update by clicking on the election 2010 tab. not easy to say. that's at the top of our home page. >> you did that very well. we have to get you to where you need to go. sal said something just happened in oakland.
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what happened? >> that's right. new accident. this will be an accident in oakland. let me move it up on the map there. southbound 880 in oakland at 98th. southbound traffic will effected. it's blocking one of the right lanes. let's move along to -- traffic north and southbound still looks okay. this mornings commute is all right. san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. here is steve. >> thank you very much. we do have a few showers left. san jose has light rain. san mateo coast. all that is left over from that syem we had that came by last night into this morning. what we will see this system clear out pretty fast. morning clouds and sunny. the dry area is beginning to move in right now. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 30s up in reno and tahoe.
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sacramento 53. it looks like the last system for awhile it will build in. light rain mainly to the south. mostly sunny then. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. upper 50s and low 60s. still well below average. looks cold in the morning. patchy fog will be airbeds. everything points toward sunshine and warmer weather especially toward the weekend. european markets are starting the day with losses after losses overnight in asia as well. japan's was the strongest performer. closing up nearly 1.5%. south korea gained 1%. trading was fairly light as they waited for the meeting of economic leaders to start. right now looks like a pretty quiet opening. that will have to wait before it gets closer to that opening bell. we do have a couple of very important economic reports coming in that could send the
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market in either direction. china's trade surplus in october hit the second highest level. exports rose nearly 23% over a year ago despite worries the global recovery could be weakening. $27billion surplus is up nearly $10 billion from the month before. a vallejo company wins a new contract. allied defense will be paid $3 million to dismantle the ships. that will be lead to three new contracts. the ships are take ton the gulf. they are planning to hire local workers to do the jobs. thousands of people of an cruise ship addressed in the pacific ocean now on their way back to california. how the passengers are slowly getting here and the help they
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are receiving from the u.s. navy. plus a major gang sweep around the bay area. police say more than a dozen arrests and that is not all. good morning. westbound bay bridge traffic is moving pretty well. we'll tell you more coming up.
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i will say good morning.
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we have few light showers around. mainly off to the peninsula and the south bay. it will clear off. mostly sunny. 50s and 60s. we are following breaking news from oakland. crews are on the scene of an early morning fire at a halfway house. kraig debro just arrived on the scene. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this is a block east of foothill. this particular home is an independent living center for a few mentally disabled people up to seven. this is a home that caught fire. the chair caught fire. we heard this call. call over the scanner. they called in one truck company. we heard arson investigators were coming here. the worry was over shortly. firefighters put this thing out in less than a half hour. the arson investigator that was out here said nothing suspicious about it. but think think this is what
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caused the fire. a bottle of cigarette butts. they believe somebody was out here smoking that's what caused the fire. everybody is back inside. nobody hurt. all the rooms are still livable. reporting live in oakland kraig debro. thousands of people on a cruise ship off baja, california are being slowly towed back to land this morning. they are taking it to san diego. the ship left from long beach on sunday but lost power after a fire. the fire left the ship with no air conditioning, hot water, or cell phone service. the passengers are now eating spam, canned crab meat, and pop tarts. time now 5:22. 16 people behind bar this morning after a major gang sweep all over the bay area. authorities raided 23 locations
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in seven cities yesterday. in addition to making the arrests, the authorities seized one ton of marijuana from five grow houses in vallejo and hayward. they also confiscated guns. the alleged gang members are connected to a variy of violent violent crimes. they are involved in other criminal activities. now the alleged gang members have been booked into santa clara county jail. they are sed newel -- scheduled to be arraigned. have a flaw that is costing taxpayers. some people have discovered they can ride anywhere for just $2. that's because the clipper cars allow riders to exit through bart gates even if they owe a
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balance. metropolitan commissioners say they are aware of the loophole. >> this is designed into the system as a customer convenience so we wouldn't have customers that were trapped in the system. >> he says to add machines would cause tens of millions of dollars. so far he says most people are honest. mtc plans to monitor the situations to make changes if it becomes too wide spread. a bay area teacher is facing serious charges involving one of her students. nine raccoon attacks since june have some alameda residents on edge. good morning. traffic on 80 westbound looks pretty good. getting out to mccarthur maze.
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good morning to you. welcome back this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the middle of the week. november 10th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve. rain overnight. is it done? >> almost. partly to mostly cloudy skies in the morning. a little ban or two. highway 17, san jose. a little bit right there near pacific. 50s and 60s on our temp.
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here is sal. >> good morning. right now traffic is moving well if you are driving out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems there. that looks good. the roads are a little bit from overnight rain. take it easy. let's go back to the desk. thank you. azilian know county high school teacher is facing serious charges involving one-her students. jade hernandez is live. >> reporter: police say this teach never this scandal teaches here at rodriguez high. take a look at her picture. we confirmed 27-year-old felicia killings is out on bail this morning. the sheriffs office says she's been accused of taking advantage of her position as an english teacher at rodriguez high. we know she was charged with
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statutory rape and child endangerment. the accusations come after killings had sex with a 16-year- old male student here at rodriguez high. that those incidents happened at her home in vallejo. the student is now 17. the school hasn't started just yet but as soon as we get a principal here or talk to district authorities we will pass that information along to you. reporting live from fairfield. 5:28. a young mother accused of accidentally smothering her infant daughter may appear in court today for the first time. san rafael police arrested marissa lambert yesterday. she admitted to taking heroin and rolled on top of her nine- month-old daughter. residents in alameda are worried this morning after the ninth raccoon attack in that city since june. the latest one happened sunday
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night at washington park. rachel campos said she and her dog had to fight off the dogs raccoons. the dogs barking brought on one raccoon and then there was a pack of them. she feels lucky her dog wasn't hurt and she escaped with one bite. >> i knew i was outnumbered. once i fell down i was worried they were going to jump on top of me. i was screaming at the top of my lungs. >> county officials say thousands of raccoons are in trees and storm drains emerging at night to search for food. they are going to try to trap the animals. campos is now getting rabies shots. santa cruz police are rooking for a man that tried to sexually assault a woman. he's described as a latino man in his mid 20s. 5'7" tall. he was wearing dark clothing,
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dark bean kneecap and a night beard. the man approached her from behind and tried to attack her. but something startled the suspect and he ran away. 5:30 let's check in with sal. we know it's early. how are the roads? >> they are wet from the overnight rain. people will be slowing down in the rain. southbound 880 they are clearing up an accident where a car spun out due to these roads. traffic on highway 4 bay point, westbound that traffic is looking okay. coming up from eastern contra costa county to concord. this morning in the southbound northbound looks pretty good. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. we do have a few light rain showers skirting the peninsula. and also san jose.
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there is not much left. a few light showers. clearing is taking place toward the north. you see our weak system came by. like every system they produce rain. i've seen yours where the system comes in. a system like that would not do anything. this one did. it wasn't much. made it. the rain is about done. it looks like the pattern will change. we'll get drier air coming behind this system. morning clouds. light rain. then mostly sunny but 60s 60s 60s. temperatures coast bay will not be that much of a difference. 48 livermore. san francisco 53. oakland berkeley at 51. there goes our little system. now the low itself will dive into northern nevada. that will crank up the wind. that high pressure is build in.
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morning clouds. light rain. mainly south. and mostly sunny. partly cloudy as we kick this system out of here. 50s and 60s on the temps. patchy fog late tonight into tomorrow morning. breezy out of the north. sunshine and warmer weather will carry us into the weekend. a fire that destroyed an autobody shop. crews shortly before 9:00 last night. they found the building and three cars engulfed in flames. firefighters evacuate a nearby home that was threatened but no one was hurt. the only fire station is scheduled to close this morning. the golden gate recreational area part of a cost cutting move expected to save three quarters of a million dollars. southern marin fire district will handle emergency calls. a union representing firefighters says that
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department isn't adequately staffed to keep the area safe. now the san francisco fire department is responsible for fighting fires. 5:33 police in danville warning business owners take extra precautions following three downtown burglarlies. lifestyle was burglarized october 13th. the something old something new store on railroad avenue was hit october 21st. christy james jewelry was robbed sunday. the burglars broke into the businesses at nighttime stealing cash, jewelry, and computers. dog owners might want to pay more attention to leash laws at state beach. after two years of debeat the city council voted to enforce existing leaf laws. new signs and fence willing be installed. the small fluffy white bird was
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-- in a canal l -- a candle light vigil will be held tonight. cynthia tied at a hospital after being hit in the head by a lamp. that vigil is at 6:00 tonight outside the jail. our time now 5:34 it was a big surprise for bay area school kids and parents and uninvited guests took them all scrambling inside an elementary school. family and friends are mourning the death of a former basketball star. what killed quinton daily at the young age of 49. northbound 280 traffic moving well. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. we have a few light showers. not much. just a little bit. peninsula and southbound will clear out fast. we have partly cloudy skies. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you. oakland police defending their actions after officers killed an unarmed man. 37-year-old parolee derrick jones was shot and killed. police say they shot jones after he repeatedly reached for his waistband and pulled out what police believe was a metal object. college students are planning to stage protests in long beach today. they need to take a final vote of tuition. tuition will go up by 5% in
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january and 10% next fall. there is still no official explanation what this was. it streaked through the skies off the coast of southern california monday evening. the pentagon says it was nothing fired by the military. in iraq today there were more bombing targeting baghdad christian neighborhoods killin four people. this followed the church last week. about three dozen survivors of that attack have arrived in france where they have been given asylum. most of the iraqis have bullets and grenade wounds. 95 people are scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks. france is offering refuge to 150 victims of the attack. homeless veterans in san francisco will soon have a new place to live.
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>> it's never too late to alleviate suffering. that's what we will do here. >> yesterday san francisco city officials starting tearing down the inside of a landmark city building on ottis street. it will be converted into permanent housing for men and women served in the military. time now 5:39. sad story. former usf basketball star quinton dalely has died at 39. he died naturally of hyper tensive cardiovascular disease. he had a troubled past. as a student at usf daily pleaded guilty to attempted assault on a nursing student. that incident played a key role in usf suspension of its basketball program for several years. recently quintin daily worked with at risk children in las vegas. both kids and parents were
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sent running inside a elementary school because of a surprise visitor yesterday. parents were iting to pick up their children at elementary school when a bob cat was spotted on a hill near a kindergarten. the school went into lock down. the bob cat disappeared and the all clear was declared 20 minutes later. some members of michael jackson's family are unhappy with the recent release of a single recorded by the late music legend. the song is called breaking news. it's part of an album of new material set to be released next month. some jackson family members don't believe it's jackson's voice on the track but a long- time producer and record label says the song is authentic. the newest car pool lane opens this afternoon. the new lane is on interstate 580. it will run east from
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pleasantton to livermore. that car pool lane opened up last year. the official ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. it will be available for this evenings commute. let's go back over to sal. it's now 5:41 how does the commute look? >> it looks pretty good. good morning everyone. you can see the traffic is moving well here on the east bay mmute. we're starting on highway 4 and that traffic looks pretty good driving out of the eastern contra costa area. it doesn't stay this way for too long. i would advise get on the road as soon as you can. we're look agent the bay bridge toll plaza looks good. if you're driving on the freeway traffic is moving along pretty well here on 880 southbound. they cleared an accident at 98th and the traffic is
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continuing to move well as you drive town to union city. 5:41 let's go to steve. thank you. we still have a few light rain showers skirting the pins la -- peninsula and south bay. it looks like everything is about done. right there along the coast. but most of it is just rounding third and heading for home. our system will give it credit. it held together. gave us some rain. it's almost out of here. behind it we will get a northwest breeze. the wind will pick up in the next couple of days. santa helena picked up a third of an inch. santa rosa napa both picked up .12. and dublin .10. .07-.09 in many locations. some morning clouds.
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light rain. mostly sunny. 60s to low 60s. 48 napa santa rosa. low 50s for everyone else. temperatures rather close due to the cloud cover. that is starting to clear out. 30s in the mountains. 40s and 50s to ukiah to sacramento. high pressure -- it looks like it settle in here if we look for the next three to five to ten days here. light morning rain. peninsula. south bay 50s and 60s on your highs today. looks like a cold morning. temperatures settle in and we see a decrease in this moisture looks mostly sunny to warmer. a shopping mall owner emerged from bankruptcy. they own five bay area malls and filed for chapter 11 of april of last year.
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during the bankruptcy it worked out a way to pay off its creditors in full. the oakland based company is getting out of the search business. that will mean cutting 120 jobs. ask will lay off engineers based in new jersey and china. they will continue to focus on developing the online question and answer service that uses actual humans to work with inquiries. ask frequently ranks fourth or lower in the industry. the only major airline in the bay area reported its first profit. virgin made $37 million. that compares to the same time last year when they lost. 5:45 a public transit users you can rest a little easier this morning. ac transit called off plans. the service will stay just the way it is after ac transit.
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it will save them $13 a year. medical marijuana supporters are trying to convince the city council to end the raids. they protested outside the city council meeting yesterday. they say they are being treated like criminals despite efforts to run a legal business. they say law enforcement raids will only drive the medical marijuana business under ground. however police see things differently. they say some are actually fronts that the people they have arrested were dealing drugs. san jose plans a series of hearings coming up in december. the clock is ticking for me that smoke inside or outside. the board of ss gave final approval to laws that prohibit smoking in the common areas of multiunit residents and in county parks and in all
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apartments condominiums and townhouses. the other ordnance about outside areas becomes effective in 30 days. the restrictions only apply to unincorporated parts of santa clara county. the owner of jeremiah pick coffee is thanking the firefighters that put out a roof fire in his building. that fire started yesterday afternoon and according to a worker, the coffee roaster became so hot it started the fire. the fire was put out so quickly his business will not be seriously effected. housekeepers in san francisco santa clara, and six other cities have filed complaints against the hotel chain. they have been in an ongoing -- their complaints to the federal occupational administration claims the housekeepers are
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suffering injuries because of the hotels poll sis including an increased workload. san francisco officials have taken a big step forward in the cities step to host the house cup series. they have created a host city agreement with the golden gate yacht club. it calls for repairing and using piers south of the bay bridge. and building an american cup village on the south side. 5:47. testimony couldn'ts today to figure out who is the rightful owner of the world cease second largest emerald valued at $400 million. anthony thomas of morgan hill testified he paid $60,000 for the 850-pound e. railed in 2001 but never received it. he said the miners that dug up the emerald kept it and told him the shipper lost it.
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that stone was seized in las vegas. there is ice in our forecast for san francisco. two outdoor skating rinks open. they are both holiday traditions in the city. is that pam cook there? one is at the union square. both of the ice rinks will be open through the new year they feature a chance to get in some exercise and a really fun setting. other outdoor rinks in walnut creek, brentwood will open later this month. another sign of holiday season. a 55 tall white fire tree is now waiting to be decorated for christmas. when it's completed the tree will have more than 2,000 christmas ornaments and 6500led lights on its branches. a tree of that size would
5:50 am
usually cost $15,000 but this one was donated by the u.s. fire service. i know you and your wife are talking christmas. they are ready to get out decorations. celebrity has a new title. actress betty white what she has in common with smoky the bear. nervous residents fearing it could be a matter of life and death.
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welcome back. 5:52. pacific gas and electric has suspended a senior manager with pay after he admitted he joined an online customer group that was criticizing the smart metering. william is is head of the smart meter program. he used a fake online name. he apologized. pg&e spokesman said they do not condone what he did and they are investigating that matter. the space center in oakland helped out to celebrate a new tv channel devoted to africa. aims to highlight the beauty, adversity, and art and music of africa and show americans a
5:54 am
side of africa they are not familiar with. there is barbara lee. she is hoping as americans understand the true nature of africa they will be better equipped to deal with racism here at home. the states largest public employee union rad fewed a contract. it also requires employees to contribute more toward their pensions. 95,000 union members will also be required to take one day of unpaid leave every month. now that is less than the three furlough days governor schwarzenegger ordered. according to the governor office the new contract will save the state $383 million a year. in mountain view a cell phone tower. the tower would go on the roof of the first press we are attorney church. take a look. this is the rendition of the antenna. it would be housed in a chimney
5:55 am
shape structure. the preschool is on church ground. >> i don't know how powerful it would be. like to ban cell phones. >> my understanding is it's much, much less microenergy than in a kitchen appliance. so i'm certainly not worried about this tower. >> industry representatives say any emissions would fall within safety standards. the church would receive $1700 a month for that tower. 5:55 she is one of hollywoods hottest celebrities right now. actress betty white just saw a childhood dream come true. >> i just can't tell you what this day means to me. as excited as i am. >> betty white was named an honorary park ranger by the
5:56 am
u.s. forest service at a ceremony near the kennedy service. the actress says as a young girl she always wanted to be a forest ranger but at the time women weren't allowed to have that job. >> in my heart i've been a forest ranger all my life. but now i'm official. >> she loves animals too. see the doll there. smoky the bear even came by. and the forest service gave her a badge and a rangers hat. it's all official. >> that is very nice. very nice. >> and smoky gets a hug. >> who doesn't love smoky the bear. let's check in with sal. >> i don't suggest hugging bears. they are dangerous. >> i think smoky is pretty safe. >> okay. good morning everybody. there is not a lot going on. as you might be able to tell by my demeanor. traffic is moving well. we're off to a good start.
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it is wet out there for overnight rains and there is always somebody else. not you. somebody else that drives unsafely. watch out for that other guy. you are a very safe driver. southbound 680 passing mission boulevard. it looks good. and into the valley. and also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. a little early to be a back up. the traffic does look good. they have picked up that road work a long time ago. task is moving well between san francisco and okayland. 5:56 let's go back to dave and pam. a new health clinic is open in san francisco for people that have jobs but they don't have health insurance. the clinic by the bay staffed by volunteer retired doctors and nurses. the opening puts a spot light on republican plans to overturn president obama's health care reform plan. senator dianne says he's alarmed to what appears to be a
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personal vendetta. >> no matter how much this is good for the nation we will oppose you. that is a whole new thing in american politics. >> as for the clinic it is funded by donations from hospitals, health care companies, and private individuals. uninsured single adults must make less than $27,000 a year to use it. a bay area schoolteacher arrested and put in jail. why police say sex charges are involved and young students are now being questioned. plus the sudden and vicious attack on the bay area woman. how the attackers came out of the trees and on four legs. good morning. still a few light showers around. skies will be clearing today. temperatures we'll have those in two minutes.
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